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Simple TextとTeach Textの2曲を是非お楽しみください。


Basement Binary Tracks DVDL-200003291

Song Title : Simple Text - MP3 EDIT -
Track Maker by Katsumi Tanaka
(Project Co-operation with are made of this.)

Song Title : Teach Text - MP3 EDIT Rmx -
Simple Text Re-Build Version
Track Maker by Katsumi Tanaka
(Project Co-operation with are made of this.)

- Binary Tracks Data Details -
Format : MPEG Layer3 audio , QuickTime4.2 Streaming Play Enable.
MPEG Layer3 audio Encording Used by Fraunhofer IIS and THOMSON multimedia
Compression Mode : High Quality Bit Scale.
Voice Channel : 5.1 Sorround Encording , Stereo Mixed

Master Track Length : 06min07sec
Master Track Data : 24Bit, 96KHz, Direct Bouncing.
Mastered by Digidesign ProTools 24|Mix

Track Composed Using emagic/Logic Audio Plutinum 4.5, BitHeads/Unity DS-1
Running under the Power Macintosh 7600/G3-366 CPU UpGrade Card

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